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Top 5 Apps That Are Similar to Wise That You Should Use

Anyone who frequently sends or receives money from other countries probably has heard of Wise. As an alternative to traditional banks, the business offers currency trading.
It’s important to know who Wise is and what exactly he does if you want to use Wise Money Transfer or look for Wise alternatives.

Who is wise?

Wise is a UK-based business that specializes in sending money internationally. Previously known as TransferWise, Wise was rebranded as Wise due to its expanded offerings. Wise has always positioned itself as an alternative to the big banks that dominated the industry that focus on their customers.

The Wise app makes it simple to use services for money transfers. Your mobile phone makes it simple to send and receive money.

Forex trading has never been particularly pleasant at banks. When sending money internationally, they still make use of the old network. People who frequently use banks to send money abroad expect to pay a lot of money for the privilege.

Bank charges go beyond just fees. Instead, their exchange rates are always lower than Google’s mid-market rates. We collect additional fees on all transfers in this manner.

Using the most recent technology, these issues have been solved by smart companies and similar businesses. With the best exchange rates available, they provide quick and inexpensive money transfers. Additionally, we are extremely open about the procedure.

Which of Wise’s transfer routes is most popular?

When you send money to and from most places, being wise will save you money. On the other hand, some transfer routes are particularly well-liked. The route between the UK and Spain is extremely popular.

Many British citizens have sent large sums of money to Spain in exchange for villas. You can save a lot of money on fees and exchange rates by using Wise.

Due to the large number of Indian immigrants working in the UK, this route is also a popular one between India and the UK. The same can be said for remittances between the United States and Mexico, where many Mexicans send money home each month.

Other well-liked routes include those between the United States and the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany, and New Zealand and Australia. Wise has focused on expanding its reach, particularly in the United States, in recent years.

Each month, Wise sells a significant amount of goods. However, the good news is that there are many excellent alternatives if you do not wish to utilize the Wise app. The top five Wise-like apps are listed below.

1. OFX:

If you’re looking for the best customer service, OFX is the answer. Wise has failed in this area in recent years, but OFX’s customer service has consistently received high marks.In any large financial transaction, customer service is very important. Even though the OFX app isn’t quite as good as the Wise app, it works.

2. Trade Show:

CurrencyFair is a great option if you want the best app experience. CurrencyFair is a great option for sending “small” money.

To put it another way, it’s great for freelancers and people who work as immigrants, but it won’t help you if you want to buy a house overseas or do a big business deal. The only advantage is that you can get better rates using it.

3. Remitly:

Another great app for sending money is Remitly. In response to customer feedback, the company has demonstrated an impressive commitment to both enhancing existing features and adding new ones.

Therefore, your app runs very smoothly and easily. Having said that, Remitly is not the best choice if you want to be guided through the procedure without the assistance of a dedicated reseller.

4. WorldRemit:

WorldRemit is a reputable option that was developed by immigrants for immigrants. It is another app that focuses on facilitating money transfers. Over the years, WorldRemit has achieved many successes.

2022 appears to be a bit of a struggle due to layoffs and a pause in IPO launches, but given the global economic climate, this could work.


TorFX is a great and good choice if you want a dealer who is knowledgeable and dedicated. TorFX is getting more and more popular because it focuses on large-scale transfers rather than money transfers.

It’s regarded as extremely secure and dependable, and it provides everything a good money transfer service should. The experience makes up for it.

Some of the best apps in the industry include the five listed above, including Wise.


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