How To Install Solar Panels In 8 Steps

More and more Australian homes are buying solar panels and getting the benefits. So, if you’re ready to put in a solar system, you might wonder what the installation process is like and how long it takes. As with any big home job, it’s best to know what you’re getting into before you start.

So, if you want to buy solar panels, read this guide to learn the most important things. Consider the steps before figuring out how long it will take to install solar panels. These steps directly affect how long it takes to install solar panels. Here are the steps for putting up solar panels.

Step 1: Get A Quote From The Company That Sells And Installs Solar Panels.

After choosing to put in solar panels, the first thing to do is get a price for how much the panels and installation will cost. Most of the time, you buy solar panels from the same company that will install them. But if you choose to get them from different companies, you must ensure you get a price from each.

Tip: Don’t just go with the first price quote you get. Instead, it is better to get a few and compare their prices to find the one with the best deal. On the other hand, you should also think about how well a worker does his or her job. Some companies that offer cheap panels and installation often do shoddy work to keep their prices low. For example, they might cut edges or use cheap materials.

Step 2: Installer Checkup

Your expert will look at your roof to see if it’s right for solar panels and to figure out how to put them in the best way. Some of the things the tester looks at when deciding if solar panels could be installed are:

  • Limbs and trees: The tester looks for any trees or limbs that could block the light from reaching your solar panels, making your home unusable.
  • Tall buildings: Your solar technician will look for tall buildings that might block most of the day’s light from reaching your roof.
  • Roof angle: The worker must measure the pitch and direction of the roof to figure out where to put the panels to get the most light.
  • Condition of the roof: If your roof is damp or has structural damage, adding solar panels could be hard and not a good idea.

If the provider sees that your roof is good for solar panels, they will start making plans for the solar panel installation.

Step 3: Putting up scaffolding

Putting up platforms is the first step in installing solar panels. This process makes it easy to get in and keeps people safe. But on the other hand, it is also the longest step in the whole process of putting up solar panels.

Step 4: Attach Roof Anchors

Roof stakes hold your solar panels to the roof and act as points of contact with the ground. They are support points that connect to the ceilings in your loft. The worker will lift your roof tiles to put these pegs in place.

Step 5: Install Solar Mounts

Solar panels have bases that hold them up. They connect the panels to the roof stakes while lifting them above the roof’s surface. Solar pegs ensure your solar panels are tilted at the right angle to get enough light.

Step 6: Install The Panels

Once The Solar Frames Are In Place, Your Expert Can Connect The Panels At The Right Angle.

Step 7: Install The Solar Inverter

The main job of the solar inverter is to turn the energy collected from the sun into power that can be used. It does this by changing Direct Current (DC) energy into Alternating Current (AC) energy, which you use to power your home products.

Most of the time, the worker will put the generator in your attic and use wires to connect it to the solar panels. Next, they hook up your transformer to a user unit, which lets you use solar power through the plugs in your home.

Step 8: Testing And Installing Solar Batteries

After putting in the transformer, the workers test the solar system to ensure everything works. They do this by keeping an eye on every part of the solar panel system and turning the power off and on to see how well it works. Lastly, if you want a solar battery, the worker will put it in after ensuring the system works. Then, they will test the battery in the right way.

How Long Does It Take To Organize Solar Panels?

Putting in a solar system usually takes at least two days. This is how each startup process is broken down in full:

  • Roof anchors – 1 hour
  • Solar mounting – 1 hour
  • Solar panels – 2 to 3 hours
  • Solar inverter – 1 hour
  • System testing – 1 hour

This guide should help you understand what to expect when installing a solar panel setup in your home. You can talk to a local solar dealer for professional help and product support to start getting solar panels.


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