8 Important Tips For Maintaining Your Electric Car

In recent years, governments worldwide have been putting more effort into making our planet safer and easier to live on. Getting people to use electric cars is just one way that people are trying to bring the earth back to its former glory. Studies show that electric cars make about 80% less CO2 than gas-powered cars.

Even though it’s not 100%, it continues to assist a country in cutting its pollution by a lot. You’ve come to the right place if you just got a green car and don’t know how to take care of it yet. Here are seven important tips for taking care of your electric car.

Smart Battery Use

The costly component of an electric car might be the battery. To make sure the batteries in your electric car last a long time, you should take good care of them. Keeping the battery’s charge below 100% is the easiest way to start doing that. Your car’s battery may not last as long if you always charge it 100%. This means you’ll have to buy new ones more often.

You Can Also Take Care Of Your Car Battery By:

  • Try not to leave your car out in the cold.
  • Don’t use the quick charge function; it can shorten the battery’s life.
  • Don’t let the batteries run out of power for long; charge your car as soon as possible.
  • Don’t charge your batteries too much or too little; keep track of when and how frequently you charge them.
  • Avoid aggressive braking
  • Don’t drive on rough ground.

Car Warranty Extension

Car owners often buy extended car warranties when the warranty from the car’s manufacturer has run out. This kind of insurance works like a manufacturer’s warranty, protecting your car if a concept goes wrong. Most of the time, extended guarantees cover more than original warranties. They can also be more costly, so don’t be afraid to compare prices and services before choosing one.

The Used Car Warranty

When they are brand new, electric cars are, without a doubt, expensive. Because of this, many people decide to buy used electric cars. Most of the time, buying used is a smart and cheap choice. However, there are times when it’s not such a good idea. Cars that run on batteries lose power over time.

The longer the car is used, the more probable the battery has gotten old enough that it can’t hold as much energy as it used to. Getting a new battery for your car can cost a lot of money. But if you buy a used car with the right guarantee, you can avoid paying for new batteries. Instead, the company that gave you the guarantee will pay some or all of the cost of the new batteries.

A Certified Charger

When you charge your car, it’s best to use the charger that came with it. Using the wrong chargers could cause damage or make mistakes that cost money. If your car’s original charger starts to break down, as all chargers do, you can only get a new one from the company that made your car. Don’t buy cheap copies because this can also cause damage to the vehicle that can’t be fixed.

 Brake Fluid Replacement

The great thing about electric cars is that you don’t have to change their brake fluids as frequently as gas cars. This is because electric car brake oil is made to last a long time. Still, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to check the fluids in your car regularly. Get a mechanic to check the brake fluids now and then, just to make sure everything is fine.

Air Filter Change

Dust, pollen, and other particles can’t enter the car because of the air screens. They can get dirty over time, so it’s important to change them out often. Experts say that car air filters should be changed every 36,000 miles. This ensures that your car’s air quality is always at its best.

Healthy Charging Stations

It would help if you had a plan for taking care of your car’s charging port. Most of the time, your car will be in this spot. Make sure it’s free of dust, dirt, and other junk. Have a professional check the plugs often to ensure they are in good shape whenever you charge.

Regular Inspections Are An Absolute Must.

It would help if you didn’t always wait until the next service to complete the check. Even a small clank can cause big, expensive damage. Take care of any problem you may be having while driving right away. Experts say that people should keep an eye on everything they can understand.

An EV might not cost as much to maintain, but you might have to pay a lot if the problem gets to the motor or battery. 2023 an average new battery will cost between $4,000 and $18,000. You may begin by learning how your car acts in different weather, on different roads, and at different speeds.


Electric cars respond to the weather, just like any other car. It can last longer if cared for and kept in good shape. It also can save you a lot of money on fixes and replacements.


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